Young walkers and super poles

let's go! 


Having trouble encouraging your children to walk?The young generation are slow on their feet? Junior drags behind? Next time try the Newfeel walking poles - they have superpowers. That's why Nordic walking has become such a popular family sport.

Get up...and walk

It's magic. First and foremost, Nordic walking requires poles. But we've also observed behaviour changes which leave no doubt. Normal children - in other words - children who aren't motived to go for long family walks prance about like mountain goats with their Newfeel gear on.

“Fast walking, leaping over ditches, climbing hills...it's child's play once they feel comfortable!” explains Anna, children's Nordic-walking campaigner in the Saint Omer area.


Kids discover the benefits of walking and have fun too. Rosy, aged 9, loves it:“Learning with poles is great fun - I don't want to stop! I like walking because you can chat to your mates."“I love Nordic walking because you can explore nature too,” adds Mathilde, aged 10.

Who are we kidding? Of course, it's usually the parent's idea. But they end up liking it, as Louise, aged 6, tells us: “It was Mum's idea. I've been Nordic walking for 3 months now. It's my favourite sport!”


Learning to use superpowers

Beware: don't let anyone use Nordic walking poles without a period of observation. You never know just how the energy will react. There are two general categories of children: 6-8 years and 9-12 years.~Anna confirms that “a few tips are required to learn the basic techniques and avoid learning bad habits”. For example, don't hold on to your magic wand too tightly! Beginner lessons include a short walk when kids learn how to let go of the pole and synchronise their arms and legs.

Even very young kids like Hugo, aged 5, find learning to use the poles is "easy". "Jumping is harder" but they love all the exercises. Older kids quickly understand that “poles help you go faster by propelling you forward”. Next on their list is good shoes with grip or which are comfortable and stay dry.


Gear customised for young heroes

Newfeel has designed a complete children's range: shoes, poles and gauntlets. The poles are adjustable from 75 to 95 cm so they keep up with your growing child. The gauntlet is specially designed for children with left- and right-hand markings.

We asked you, the kids, about walking gear. Food for thought!. Do you really have rainbows in your heads? You want poles in every different colour. We'll see what we can do. As for poles which change colour while you're walking...it's a no go.The magic only goes so far...

Did you ever think that Nordic walking could work this much magic in your family? Ask at your local Decathlon store or the local Nordic walking club for information about parent/children lessons. Or you may prefer booking the kids in for a weekly lesson, leaving you time to revise your spells in peace.