Walking is the simplest, most natural movement possible. Are you determined to make the most of this simple movement to transform your walks and boost your fitness? Here is how to consciously use every one of your steps to do sport by fitness walking!

Why take up fitness walking?

What is a fitness walking stride?

Taking up fitness walking is the most effective way to enjoy all the benefits of walking: becoming slimmer and relaxing. Did you think the only way to change your habits and get back into shape was to launch into a programme of intensive sport? Practised at a slightly faster pace than your natural speed - at around 5 km/h - fitness walking is the simplest sport you can do... provided you learn a few techniques!

Pick up the pace and roll your feet

To burn up calories and relax with fitness walking, you must learn how to walk better. Every day will become a real sporting moment!

People who do not walk properly often have the bad habit of putting their feet flat directly onto the ground. Despite being made up of 26 bones, 16 joints and 107 ligaments, the foot is nevertheless capable of performing an extremely smooth movement, i.e. foot motion.

To boost your walking, incorporate these three movements for a proper stride: when you place your heel on the ground, remember to roll through your entire foot until you are propelled forward by your toes. You will quickly become more supple and walk better: you will be a fitness walker!


Don't feel silly using your arms to energise yourself when fitness walking

Walking properly also involves your arms. Don't be ashamed of the natural pendulum provided by the back and forth movement of your arms when you are fitness walking.

With your shoulders loosened up and relaxed, this pendulum will improve your balance and, above all, exercise your upper body muscles, especially the oblique abdominal muscles on the side of your body. After a few sessions, you will feel great and sense your body toning up!

Also remember to stand up straight: sport walking uses your entire body and helps you build endurance from head to toe.

This means taking the time to walk with the proper foot motion and forgetting about your fitness goals for a while to enjoy walking without getting demotivated. If you stick with it, you'll soon see the benefits of this endurance sport on your body without putting it under any undue stress!