Why do we recommend walking for 30 minutes per day?

Why to walk 30 min per day ?

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We explained the main benefits of walking on a daily basis in a previous article (read here) and the fact that you are returning to our blog probably means that we convinced you. What's more, we are not the only ones talking about daily walking because the French National Nutrition-Health Programme (PNNS) recommends walking for 30 minutes per day in its campaigns. I can hear you say, "that's great, but where does this advice come from"?

Why 30 minutes? Read some of the answers here!

For starters, I don't know about you, but I thought you had to walk for a total of 30 minutes per day in order to fulfil this recommendation… Actually, this is not quite right!

You need to walk for an extra 30 minutes on top of the walking you would normally do in your day! But, there's no need to panic, we already complete more than 6000 steps a day every day and 30 minutes of additional walking represents 3000 to 4000 extra steps! Therefore, 10,000 steps per day is easily achievable. This is the number of steps recommended by the Japanese doctor, Yoshiro Hatano, who is also a professor and renowned researcher in the health and sport sciences and a leading name in the study of walking and its benefits. In Japan, walking is given a lot of importance and this doctor demonstrated that it helps to improve your health! 


OK, but why 30 minutes of fast walking per day and not something else?

This is the threshold that was defined by the PNNS studies! Upwards of 30 minutes per day on top of your usual walking activity and you will start to reap the benefits of this physical activity (walking, moving, etc.)!

It helps you to maintain a good state of health and daily fitness, while also improving your physical condition, e.g. by strengthening your muscles, stimulating blood flow and maintaining your flexibility. It therefore only has advantages and, to top it all, you don't need to complete the full 30 minutes of walking in one go! You are free to plan your walking schedule as you want! So, there's no need to panic, as you should find it quite easy to fit in an additional 30 minutes as part of your daily activities, by making a few changes!

This threshold is good for the health because it is practised regularly on a daily basis. 30 minutes of additional walking per day is therefore more effective than a more physically intense activity practised on a Sunday, even if they are not mutually exclusive. It is worth noting that, for children, the recommended walking time is one hour per day, even if our youngsters often do much more – they don't need to be asked! ;-)


Walking, the most convenient physical activity

Many sports activities are good for your health, but walking is recommended because it is effective and one of the easiest activities to practise on a daily basis!

Naturally, if you do more than 30 minutes per day, that's great! The more you walk, the greater the benefits for your body (read our article on the 6 benefits of fitness walking).

So, in your opinion, how much time do you spend walking per day? What are your tips for walking more?