Which sport should you do when your knees hurt?

Do you think that having a knee problem means you can't exercise? Or perhaps you've tried taking a break, but your knee pain keeps coming back when you start exercising again? We're here to help you understand why and show you what you can do to change this.


          IMPACTS                                      OVERTRAINING

             INCORRECT MOVEMENTS                               SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE

Walk to reduce impacts

When you walk, you always keep one foot on the ground. If you are more used to running, or playing rugby, tennis etc., you will find that walking significantly reduces impacts. In fact, when you walk, you are supporting one and a half* times your body weight, compared to five to eight times (according to your speed) when you run!

*However, if the walking movement isn't carried out correctly, you will be supporting twice your body weight rather than one and a half times, and therefore it will be more traumatic. This is why it is so important to choose the right equipment.~ 

 Nordic walking, with poles of course, will also save your knees. It takes 30 to 35% of pressure off them. "When there are hills to go down, this is a significant saving! " says Baptiste.


The "Newfeel Marche Sportive" and "Newfeel Marche Nordique" Facebook groups are run by the walkers themselves. You will find a friendly group, where you can share your sporting experiences. You will be inspired by the beautiful landscapes shared in certain posts, even if you are currently convalescing. Check them out!

Other benefits of walking

Other than reducing impact, fitness walking gives you the opportunity to work on your breathing in a gentle way in order to gradually increase your lung capacity as well as your endurance.

This sport also allows you to improve your balance and your coordination because, as well as using your legs, you also need your arms to help you walk.

Finally, fitness walking shows you that carrying out the specific movements of this sport correctly will allow you to make progress and gain in speed. This is particularly true for the foot motion, as the heel strike, foot placement and push off are all enjoyable movements to carry out.