Walking will boost your body this winter!

Each change of season has repercussions on your body. With the arrival of autumn and winter, have you thought about fitness walking or Nordic walking to boost your immune system and protect yourself against those winter illnesses that ruin your daily life? Walking prevents colds!


How your body protects itself against illness

The immune system protects your body against invading germs such as bacteria and viruses.
Although it functions naturally, great demands are made on it when autumn and winter arrive. It is therefore a good idea to strengthen your immune system by a few simple actions
. As you will have noticed, some people have colds more often than others. The strength of your immune system depends very much on your lifestyle.
Not doing any physical exercise and being stressed, tired or overweight all weaken your immune system
.To boost your immune system, you should therefore think about your diet, monitor your stress and tiredness and also do some sport, such as walking:fitness walking or Nordic walking.

Why does walking make you stronger?

We often tell you about the benefits of walking - both fitness and Nordic walking - for your health. As a knock-on effect, all these benefits help activate and strengthen your immune defences and hence your body. Walking makes you stronger and more robust!

Walking is an endurance activity that develops your heart capacity and improves your blood circulation: this activates the immune system throughout your body.

Walking therefore transforms mental and physical tiredness. Since you are less stressed as a result of walking, you sleep better. Your brain is better rested and secretes more of the hormones needed to keep your immune system functioning properly.

For this reason, walking means you are less ill, have fewer colds, feel less tired and keep your body in great shape. Especially since this sport is for everyone: people who are more on edge can let off steam and unwind, while calmer people are energized by this endurance activity.

4 tips to enjoy all the benefits of walking and not fall ill

1. Something obvious that cannot be said often enough: to enjoy the benefits of walking, you must do it regularly (at least 3-5 times a week) and stay motivated.

2. Don't overdo it - a great idea, right? Over-training has a negative impact on the immune system. You need your full physical capacity, and 20-30 minutes 5 times a week is enough to boost your defence against winter bacteria and viruses.

3. Walk for 1-2 h at most before going to bed. Walking increases your body temperature, which does not help you get to sleep.

4. Remember to equip yourself in colder weather. Even in low temperatures, sport in the open air improves your physical and mental health more than indoor exercise.

Are you ready to be stronger this winter?