Walking daily: you have everything to gain!

Practising a sport from time to time is great. Practising a sport every day is even better! Walking daily exercises the entire body, reduces stress and helps keep you healthy. But in order to reap the benefit from fitness walking, you need to have some spare time…

Here is a detailed account of the benefits of daily sports practice and our 5 ideas for walking a little more each day!


Walking, the ultimate "healthy sport"

Fitness walking or Nordic walking are gentle and stimulating activities from every point of view. Here is a short non-exhaustive list of their benefits:


Walking releases tension

Treating yourself to a fast walking or Nordic walking session during your day is an excellent opportunity to take a break from the busyness that is part of our contemporary lifestyle. You take a step back, clear your mind and gradually reduce your stress levels.

Are you annoyed? Go for a walk at a relatively fast pace!

Feeling quite tired? Walk at a moderate pace, while breathing deeply with the belly. Take a look at the nature around you... The zen attitude no longer seems so far away!


Working on building muscle

Walking every day is a means of exercising all your muscles in greater depth. Step by step, your thighs and buttocks become firmer and the muscles of your back are gradually strengthened. Regular strengthening exercises without feeling as if you are engaging in the intense, or extreme, level of effort of a weekly activity.

When practised for endurance, walking also has the effect of improving blood flow and strengthening the capacity of your heart.

Walking helps to lose weight

Charles Aisenberg, a sports doctor, states the following: "Fitness walking is the best diet available"!

Indeed, the body can cope more effectively with a constant level of effort and it is easier to keep this up over time. Put an end to the see-saw effect of short-term diets!

5 moments for walking every day

The National Nutrition Health Programme recommends walking an "extra" 30 minutes per day to be in good health. A threshold that is not so difficult to attain if you change a few of your habits. 

1 - Get off the underground one stop before your usual stop

Complete your journey on foot and get a breath of fresh air between your house and the office. With a little training and organisation, you may even be able to walk increasingly longer distances!


2 - Walk during your lunch break

Go and get your meal on foot! You walk for a few minutes and it whets your appetite while also giving you a genuine break from your day at work.


3 - Go and pick up your children on foot

After school or the nursery, it is always a pleasure to walk side by side talking about one's day. Especially if there is a playground on your route!


4 - Make the most of the weekend to go for a long walk

Whether you are alone, with your family or with friends, get to the local park or forest. As you walk, bask in the natural light for a radiant complexion!


5 - Leave the car behind!

Going shopping, need to drop off the document…? Reconnect with these short journeys that you can do on foot! To start, you will have to force yourself… but, once you have got used to it, you won't be able to do it any other way.

There are plenty of opportunities for walking every day, even in winter: Often, it's just a matter of taking the first few steps!