Tone your buttocks and thighs with fitness walking

Shape your curves by walking!


You want to know how to tone your thighs and buttocks, but you think that stiffness is inevitable? Fitness walking just might change your opinion! With fitness walking, you can tone your buttocks and thighs gently. Step by step, sculpt your silhouette without necessarly developping muscle mass. 

What role do the thigh and buttocks muscles play in walking?

Your thigh and buttocks muscles are essential for walking. It's quite simple: without them you wouldn't be able to stand up or move forward! They each play a different role:

The hamstring (rear of the thigh) contracts to bend your leg. When the quadriceps (front of the thigh) take over, your leg stretches out.

Above your thighs, the large, medium and small muscles in the buttocks help you stand up. They are some of the most powerful muscles in the human body! When you walk, your buttocks contract to stabilise your hips to help you maintain good posture.

How does fitness walking strengthen your leg muscles?

You thighs and buttocks naturally participate when you walk. If you walk faster, to reach an average speed of 6 to 9 km/hour, they contract more intensely and gradually tone.

Fitness walking is an easy gentle endurance sport which preserves your joints. You can sculpt your silhouette at your own pace, without any painful shocks and without risking injury.

The benefits of walking last after your session, if you want to use fitness walking to lose weight: a toned body at rest burns more calories!

• Did you know? fitness walking is very good excerise for combatting cellulite. Cellulite appears on your legs due to lack of exercise and insufficient muscle tone, bad circulation or stress.

"Walking acts directly on the causes of cellulite, toning the legs and improving circulation. It's true: fitness walking is an effective arm against cellulite" - Dr. Bacquaert, IRBMS.

How to tone your muscles effectively with fitness walking?

It's important to have the right fitness walking technique to optimize work on your muscle tone


1. Propel yourself forward!

In doing so, you use your muscles more and optimize the power of the right foot movement. Pushing forward with your toes increases the effort, helping to sculpt your leg muscles and lose thigh mass.

2. Try interval training

Gradually increase your fitness walking pace by increasing the frequency or amplitude of your steps. Try varying your rhythm by working in intervals. Sprint-like intervals will increase your heart rate, helping you to increase your capacity for exertion, and to make your muscles work harder.

3. Add a slight slope!

Try walking on a slight slope or climbing stairs: both incredibly effective for working your thighs and buttocks. Try to do it everyday, whenever you get the chance!

Ready to add some curve to your legs? Then get walking of course!