Three ways to look after your walking shoes

If you want to enjoy your walking sessions even more, it is essential to take good care of your shoes. Not sure how to look after your shoes and keep them in top condition for longer? Here are our three tips for taking care of them after every walk!


1 - Let your shoes breathe after every session

The insoles are removable in all our shoes. We recommend you take them out to let them air dry after every walk.

Next, open up the tongue in your shoes as far as they will go so that any moisture can escape. It's the first thing you should do to prevent unpleasant odours and keep your shoes healthy!

This way, you will avoid unpleasant odours and the disadvantages of foot perspiration during your next session!

2 - Cleaning the upper of your shoes

The upper of your shoes is what sits on top of the sole. Our Newfeel walking shoes are made of mesh, a ventilated fabric that allows your feet to breathe by evacuating perspiration when you walk.

• Avoid machine-washing: washing your walking shoes in the machine damages the glue on the soles and the mesh fabric will deteriorate. Only the laces can be machine-washed.

Mesh is a synthetic fabric, so to clean the upper of your shoes: after removing the laces, use a warm wet sponge and a small amount of soap. Then let them dry out for a day by stuffing them with newspaper to absorb the moisture. And that's it!

• Don't dry your shoes with any kind of heat source: drying your shoes near a radiator or with a hairdryer could alter your shoes' shape and make them uncomfortable.

3 - To clean the outsoles

Fitness walking, like Nordic walking, is an outdoor sport. After a walk in the park, in contact with the natural surroundings, you may find you come back with your soles full of mud, grass or grit!

Before you rush to wash your soles, let your shoes dry so you don't spread the dirt onto the upper.

• Once your shoes are dry, bang the soles together outside to remove as much mud and grit as you can.

• Using a brush, remove the remaining dirt and grit stuck in the soles' flex grooves.

• Clean your soles with a warm wet sponge and a small amount of soap.


Finally, don't forget that, just like you, your fitness or Nordic walking shoes also need to rest: the cushioning in your shoes needs to spring back to its initial shape to remain effective. Ideally, you should alternate your walks with a second pair of shoes, and let the first pair freshen up using the above recommendations!