Stay positive: beat the 8 excuses for not walking

Walking is an excellent sport for feeling good in both your body and your mind. If you always have a good excuse for putting your fitness walking session off until tomorrow, you're in the right place.

These are the 8 most common excuses we hear for not walking. And tips for how to beat them with a positive attitude!


1 - It's too cold and/or it's raining

It happens! But it's still possible to go fitness walking or Nordic walking with gear designed for cold or wet weather.Don't forget 3 layers to protect you from the cold, and choose waterproof and breathable clothes. It's easy once you've warmed up! Especially when you think about the rewards waiting for you at home: a hot drink, a relaxing bath…

2 - I'm tired.

You tend to wait until you feel on form to go walking, but it's walking that gives you energy! It's incredible how you feel less tired when you start walking. You'll feel better within minutes. Don't forget to drink water. Feeling tired is often a sign of dehydration.

3 - I have a cold.

It's true... a cold is unpleasant. But just this once, forget your goal for performance, and get some fresh air.Take it slowly: cover up and go fitness walking in the fresh air. It's the ideal way to feel better and  boost your defences!

4 - I'm getting bored.

It's time to change your routine! Try another route, listen to music while fitness walking or Nordic walking, change your pace, invite a friend or join a club... just a few tips for making walking more fun and staying motivated!

5 - I'm too busy.

The house needs cleaning, a few episodes of your favourite series are waiting for you, you have an urgent job to do for work...but don't forget to stay in shape!Take 30 minutes out to go fitness walking every day - that's all you need to stay in shape...and you will be more relaxed and have better concentration!

6 - I'm not getting any results.

You've read so much about how fitness walking and Nordic walking are ideal for losing weight. But maybe you're wasting your time, and you'd be better off on some miracle diet? Truth is, it’s important to watch your diet AND do sport to lose weight long term. And fitness walking is also good for inside your body!

7 - I don't like people watching me when I walk.

Let's face it, no one is at their best when working out. You'll feel so much better after your walking session, you'll be impatient to go again.Choose an outfit and fitness shoes that look good, and feel proud to go fitness walking or Nordic walking: walking is the human being's most natural activity.


8 - I have sore feet/shin bones.

If you're not used to walking a lot, that's perfectly normal in the beginning: you need to gain muscle in your foot to have the right movement, which is also true of your shin bones which work a lot when you're walking. Don't forget to stretch, and choose the right walking shoes. You will soon feel the rewards!