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Athletic walking
You only need simple gear for improving your race walking technique. It's important to avoid shoes or clothing that cause chafing. Like all sports, race walking requires specific accessories designed for the activity and the weather.
Sport walking
Choosing your child's shoes - does it have to be a headache? In addition to the colour and looks, you should be asking yourself 5 questions before making your purchase and choosing the right shoes!
Sport walking
Fitness walking is a sport that does not require a massive investment: all you need is a good pair of shoes to make the most of your abilities and enjoy your walks.
Sport walking
Nordic walking and fitness walking are gentle sports activities that have many similar benefits. However, switching from fitness walking to Nordic walking requires some adaptation, especially for learning to use the poles properly. Let's look at the details!
Sport walking
Stretching exercises are just as essential to a comprehensive fast walking session as making the correct feet and arm movements. They are important as they bring oxygenated blood to your muscles, thus making them more supple. These exercises will allow you to become more flexible, and to avoid cramps and injuries (tears or strains).
Nordic walking
Any physical activity practised regularly has benefits on your health and fitness level. But all sports are different, and as a result, their effect on your health is too. Nordic walking is good for the body, the heart and the mind!
Sport walking
7 tips-to-stay-motivated
Staying motivated is the key for achieving your sporting goals. Yet sometimes putting on your fitness walking shoes feels like a bind, due to a lack of time or enthusiasm. Emmanuel Lassalle, a race walker from Grand Fond, has a few tips to keep you motivated.
Sport walking
Fitness walking is an endurance sport. By completing 3 walking sessions per week and eating a balanced diet, you will feel all the benefits of fitness walking. Here is a 1hr training session for you to enjoy at your own rhythm and as much as you like!
Athletic walking
Race walking is part of the athletics category of sports. Race walking is walking as fast as possible over a set distance, keeping one foot in contact with the ground at all times. It doesn't require much material and is accessible to all.
Sport walking
Walking in a park, being in contact with nature, considerably reduces stress and makes you feel better. You need more energy? Consider the following five points if you decide to add a walk to your daily routine to help you relax!

Jeanick Landormy is a fitness coach who specialises in walking and fitness walking. He would like to challenge you to lose several pounds in 8 weeks of fitness walking. When you throw in the recommendations of Marie, a nutritionist working for Aptonia, you get a combined training programme for losing weight. Check it out!