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Sport walking
If you're already into fitness walking, you'll know how much this activity has to offer in terms of health and well-being. The benefits of walking can be felt at any age and especially by children, who are particularly at risk of excess weight due to a sedentary lifestyle.
Sport walking
In summer, nice weather and holidays are a real source of motivation for enjoying the benefits of fitness walking. For some people, the summer period is the perfect moment for restarting a physical activity, but make sure you prepare for your fitness walking sessions for maximum enjoyment!
Nordic walking
Nordic walking is a sport that requires 2 special poles that help the walker propel him or herself forwards, in a movement that strengthens the upper body. As opposed to hiking, where poles are only recommended, these poles are essential to the sport. That's why it's crucial to choose poles specific to Nordic walking, adapted to your requirements when you go walking. Follow our instructions!
Sport walking
The no. 1 beauty gripe amongst women, cellulite often prevents women from feeling good about their bodies. This residual fatty layer which tends to develop at the top of the thighs needn't be permanent and can be combatted in a very natural way. Find out how fitness walking can help you to tone your body thanks to its anti-cellulite effects.
Sport walking
6km -1h
Do you want to get back in shape through fitness walking? Reaching 6km/h without losing your cool is the first step for achieving all the benefits of this physical activity. At the end of this programme, you will be able to cover 6km in 1 hour.
Sport walking
Have you recently caught the bug for active walking and your friends and family are wondering what has got into you? Here's how to answer the most commonly asked questions, without losing motivation. Maybe you have even convinced them to join you in discovering all the pleasures of active walking!
Athletic walking
Race walking is easily accessible to all, and at any age. Race walking can be done on any relatively flat road, an athletics track or around a lake.
Athletic walking
Race walking is a technically demanding sport. It's more complex than running. Race walking has specific techniques...which judges watch for at competitions! Newfeel explains the posture and technique you need if you plan to start race walking.
Sport walking
Are you looking for a programme for getting into shape or aiming to get back into sport gently? With this 4-week training programme, you will reach your goal of walking 5km in 50 minutes of fitness walking.
Sport walking
Do you want to lose weight and improve your health? When practised regularly, fitness walking can be the best way of avoiding depressing diets and getting yourself moving. For sports physician Charles Aisenberg, it is actually even better for your health!
Sport walking
Nordic walking shoes and poles
There are other ways to get a buzz than jumping out of a parachute or descending white-water rapids! Fitness walking is a more gentle way to get your adrenaline flowing. Choose the right shoes and socks and you'll enjoy every walk!