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Sport walking
You do your fitness walking or Nordic walking early in the morning or late in the evening. But are you worried about losing motivation when autumn arrives and the days get shorter? Look on night-time as a golden opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of walking, provided you follow these 4 tips!
Sport walking
roll through-foot
What is the difference between everyday walking and fitness walking? The foot motion! In the first case, foot motion is done unconsciously; in the second, it is completely controlled. With fitness walking, it is important to roll through your foot properly to develop your muscles without injuring yourself. Lace up your fitness walking shoes and take your first step!
Sport walking
You want to begin exercising or start exercising again, and you have chosen fitness walking to get in shape? Walking for 1 hour without stopping is a very good start. Learn how to get there in 8 weeks with Jeanick Landormy, fitness and race walking coach.
Sport walking
Do you want to lose a few kilos...but the scales aren't pointing in the right direction? Charles Aisenberg, sports medicine specialist at INSEP (French Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance) recommends walking for feeling more in tune with your body. Forget stressful diets and walk to lose weight!
Sport walking
You want to take up exercising again...but gently? Try fitness walking! Walking is a simple and very effective physical activity if you go fast enough. The increasingly popular sport of fitness walking is enjoyed by many as a gentle and comprehensive activity that can be easily fitted into a busy lifestyle. The top five reasons why you should try fitness walking!
Sport walking
When fitness walking, also known as power walking, you walk faster than in normal everyday walking.As a result, you work your breathing, endurance and almost every muscle in the body. Unlike everyday walking, often an unconscious action, fitness walking requires conscious action at a fast pace.
Sport walking
You have chosen an outdoor sport to feel better, lose weight and relax. Whatever your objective, fitness walking and running are two endurance sports that are recommended for taking care of yourself. But why is walking so different and why does it need special footwear?
Sport walking
You've just bought your child a pair of Newfeel shoes? They are designed for them to wear for sport or for other daily activities. Here are 6 care instructions for keeping them as new as possible for a long as possible…or for giving them a new lease on life!
Nordic walking
Are you looking for a comprehensive, dynamic and accessible sport? Nordic walking is made for you!
Sport walking
In fitness walking, the feet never move without the arms. Fitness walking and race walking coach, Jeanick Landormy, will teach you the arm technique best suited to your walking style in 6 weeks. Walking for fitness or to tone up the upper body - each to their own!
Sport walking
During winter, don't abandon your fitness walking just because of the cold and wind! Equip yourself from head to toe against the cold and adjust your walking speed. Read our 5 tips for keeping your motivation during your winter sessions!
Sport walking
If you're already into fitness walking, you'll know how much this activity has to offer in terms of health and well-being. The benefits of walking can be felt at any age and especially by children, who are particularly at risk of excess weight due to a sedentary lifestyle.