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Our feet allow us to stand up and move around. So let's take a closer look at these two extremities that let us walk and keep our balance! Without going into mathematical detail, we can still take a look at some figures! The number of tiny parts that make up our feet is just incredible; you'll be amazed!
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Whether as a warm-up or as a warm-down after your session, these stretching exercise will do a world of good to the muscles of your shoulders, back and neck. You can even do them on a daily basis, to eliminate tension due to stress!

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      Tested in the great outdoors, step by step with Emmanuel Lassalle. For a year, the walker from the Vosges has been preparing to tackle an awesome challenge with Propulse Walk 400: travelling 426 kilometres from Paris to Alsace, the longest walking race in the world. Newfeel was by his side to finish the season and get his verdict on our shoes. Here is what happened!

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      While your feet come in all shapes and sizes, special fitness walking shoes are difficult to find. Newfeel's engineers and designers have worked with scientists to study the movement of your foot while walking quickly. The resulting product provides you with everything you need.