Propulse Walk 400 men's fitness walking shoes - blue/orange/white

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Passionate about power walking? The dynamic and lightweight Propulse Walk 400 shoes allow you to optimise your performance and get full enjoyment out of your power walking sessions!
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At last, the perfect shoes for sports walkers!

Featuring Propulse Walking Technology: 3 essential assets for fitness walking


Propulse Walking Technology consists of an exclusive asymmetrically shaped sole:

> Bevelled heel with a system of inverted rearfoot grips, enabling you to make very fast contact with the ground.

> Grip area , whose flat sole supports your foot's heel-to-toe transition on the ground.

> Forefoot propulsion area on the big toe, which helps propulsion. This area is strengthened to avoid the significant wear that can occur at this point during fitness walking 

Seamless liner: guarantees a supported, blister-free foot

Propulse Walk 400 shoes have a seamless liner, which eliminates any rubbing of your feet against your shoes... and hence blisters! This constant comfort is an essential asset for intensive fitness walking.

From our idea to your feet: how are fitness walking shoes designed?

Our engineer and designers have studied how your feet move to develop Propulse Walk fitness walking shoes. Watch this video to go behind the scenes of their design process!

Endorsed by Emmanuel Lassalle, world ultra-distance fitness walking vice-champion

"I walk between 100 and 200 km a week, at between 8 and 10 km/h, when I train. Before Propulse Walk shoes came along, there weren't any specific fitness walking shoes. Their technology provides the best possible heel-to-toe transition, from when you put down your heel to the propulsion phase. What's more, they're extremely comfortable. These shoes have been truly designed for walking and are a great success: I wouldn't be without them! "

A word from Stephane, a Newfeel fitness walking product engineer

newfeel team marche rapide marche nordique  newfeel team marche rapide marche nordique

“The outsole of Propulse Walk 400 shoes has been worked on down to the last detail. It includes microcracks, which provide grip even on very smooth ground. It took us over 2 years of research and development to design it. Cushioning, support, grip and shoe propulsion: the outsole consists of 4 different parts, each of which has a precise function.“

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5 / 5 1 rating
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    Extremely comfortable
    Performance design features and the price. Nothing

    Having recently started power walking I had sustained an injury to my big toe joint. I did a lot of reading around the problem and the type of shoe I should be wearing. I struggled to find fitness shoes designed specifically for walking but this range is. I've road tested these three times so far and no pain! They are extremely comfortable, and tremendous value. So pleased I found them. You don't have to spend a fortune on good fitness shoes, just find the best design.


Height of upper
mesh textile.
290g per shoe in size 8.5.
6.5 to 12.5.
Also exists in
various colours.
Outer fabric : 60.0% Polyester (PES), 30.0% Polyurethane (PU), 10.0% Polyamide (PA) Outer sole of : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic Lining and sock of : 95.0% Polyester (PES), 5.0% Elastane
Newfeel products are tested in the field and in the laboratory.
Designed to :
regular power road walking in dry weather.
2 years


The Newfeel team recommends cleaning your power walking shoes with a clean, slightly damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush. Take care not to dry them near a heat source. For greater hygiene you can regularly remove the removable insoles from your shoes when they are not being worn. This will allow the sole and the shoe to dry in optimum conditions. For more information see
Storage Tips
The Newfeel team recommends storing your shoes in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.


What are the advantages of Propulse Walking Technology?
Our range of models equipped with Propulse Walking Technology have: - A bevelled heel with an inverted rear grip system that enables quick contact with the ground, - A grip zone that accompanies your foot motion on the ground following the walking movement, - And finally, a front push-off zone on the big toe to enhance propulsion, which is reinforced to avoid wear- important in this area when practising power walking.
What are the different practices for fitness walking?
Power walking is a sport done in regular sessions that can last from 30 minutes to several hours on flat surfaces. It encompasses active walking for well-being, from 5 to 7 km/h, and fast walking for performance, from 7 to 10 km/h. You can use poles for both types of walking in order to give the whole body a workout. This is called Nordic walking. For more information, please visit
What are the specific requirements of a walking shoe?
In running, there are two main stages: a strong heel strike, the foot leaves the ground with a bound and a push off the front foot. When walking at a fast pace, the contact zone never leaves the ground and it includes the following three stages: the heel strike, the firm grip of the foot with the ground and the push off from the big toe. The shoes equipped with Propulse Walking Technology have been designed to fulfil these special requirements when fitness walking.
What are the benefits of power walking?
Power walking is a complete and effective physical activity because it provides a workout for many of the muscles in your body. Like other sports, it offers many advantages for health and staying in shape. It is a widely accessible sport in which you can progress quickly, done for both casual exercise or for performance. Find more information at
Field testing of products
All Newfeel power walking shoes are tested by representative power walkers in conditions identical to those you could experience every day (weather, speed, walk duration, range of ground surfaces). These daily tests allow us to improve our products and provide you with full satisfaction as you use them.
Lab testing of products
Laboratory tests are carried out by Newfeel to validate the properties and benefits of walking shoes such as flexibility (elasticity), abrasion (wear) of the sole and adhesion between the upper and the outsole.