Propulse Walk 300 men's Nordic walking shoes blue

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Key feature
Enjoy your Nordic walking sessions with Newfeel Propulse Walk 300 shoes which combine grip and cushioning.With Nordic walking poles you are fully-equipped!


Do you do power walking or Nordic walking?

Energise your fitness sessions with the Propulse Walk 300 walking shoes: dynamic and non-slip

Featuring Propulse Walking Technology: 3 essential assets for power and Nordic walking

Propulse Walking Technology consists of an exclusive asymmetrically shaped sole:


> Bevelled heel with a system of inverted rearfoot grips for quickly making contact with the ground.

> Grip area that supports your foot's heel-to-toe transition on the ground, in harmony with your walking movement

> Forefoot propulsion area on the big toe, which helps propulsion. This area is strengthened to avoid the significant wear that can occur at this point during sport walking

Meets all your needs for power and Nordic walking


The sole of the Propulse Walk 300 power and Nordic walking shoes is composed of special 3mm grips made out of rubber to offer better grip on your walks, enabling you to walk on all kinds of terrain without losing propulsion during your sport walking session!

Stéphane, product engineer for Newfeel power and Nordic walking products

“The outsole of Propulse Walk 300 shoes has been worked on down to the last detail. It includes microcracks, which provide grip even on very smooth ground. It took 2 years of research and development to design. Cushioning, support, grip and shoe propulsion: the outsole consists of 4 different parts, each of which has a precise function. “ 


Height of upper
mesh textile.
280g per shoe in size 9
Newfeel Nordic walking shoes are field and laboratory tested.
Designed to :
regular Nordic walking
2 years


The Newfeel team recommends cleaning the outside of the shoes with a clean and slightly damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush. Take care not to dry them near a heat source. For greater hygiene you can regularly remove the removable insoles from your shoes when they are not being worn. This will allow the sole and the shoe to dry in optimum conditions. For more information
Storage Tips
The Newfeel team recommends storing your Nordic walking shoes in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.


What is the exclusive Newfeel Propulse Walking Technology?
Our range of models equipped with Propulse Walking Technology have:- A bevelled heel with an inverted rear grip system that enables quick contact with the ground, - A grip zone that accompanies your foot motion on the ground following the walking movement, - And finally, a front push-off zone on the big toe to enhance propulsion, which is reinforced to avoid wear- important in this area when practising Nordic walking.
What is Nordic walking?
Nordic walking is performed with special walking poles on all gently sloping surfaces to tone the whole body.
Why is it important to choose a special shoe for Nordic walking?
In Nordic walking there is complete heel-to-toe transition, from the moment the heel hits the ground to the propulsion of the front of the foot. During this phase the foot is extremely arched.That's why walking shoes need to be very supple!
What are the benefits of Nordic walking?
Nordic walking is a complete and effective physical activity because it provides a workout for many of the muscles in your body. Like other sports, it offers many advantages for health and staying in shape. It is also one of the sports that has the least impact on joints while simultaneously giving your body a good workout.Finally, it can be done with poles to allow you to work out the upper body (shoulders, abs, arms). For more information, please visit
Products are field-tested
All Newfeel Nordic walking shoes are tested by representative walkers in everyday training conditions (weather, speed, walk duration, range of surfaces). These daily tests allow us to improve and validate the quality of our shoes.
Products are lab-tested
Newfeel conducts laboratory tests on all our products to validate the properties and benefits of walking shoes.