Our purpose

Our purpose

With its promise of natural body movements at your top sporting pace, Newfeel is an obvious choice of name. What could be better than rediscovering a full range of walking sensations, right down to the tips of your toes?

Fitness walking is a source of well-being and energy. Ever since it was set up, Newfeel has been working to provide the best response to your needs, for guaranteed fitness walking benefits: innovative equipment adapted to your pace, speed, motives and above all...to your walker's feet.

More and more of you are taking up walking, whether in parks, towns or on roads. Every day, you write to tell us that this sport is your "breath of fresh air", a way to "gently let off steam" or "tone up".

Whether you walk near your home or in competitive events, we listen to your views to provide technology, products and tips that meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Newfeel helps you get more enjoyment out of walking, inspired by you!

Cyril Perrin
Brand Manager
Newfeel, Wake Your Walk