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Our partners

Emmanuel Lassalle

In brief

Emmanuel is a performer: He has taken part in the Paris-Alsace race walk (440 km) every year since 2013. He finished second in 2014 but really hopes to finish first in 2015, adding to his senior French Champion 2015 title.

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His vision of walking

He writes monthly articles to help you get even more enjoyment out of walking and be involved in developing the Propulse walking shoe range.

"I view my discipline as the best possible sport for health.I was immediately won over by Newfeel's purpose. I'm delighted to share my field-based experience with them. In my articles, but also to develop and improve Propulse walking shoes. These shoes are a real bonus for my propulsion and efficient movements, which are essential for ultra-distance fitness walking challenges.For me, Newfeel is the brand created by walkers, for all walkers!"

Jeanick Landormy

As the French 200 km-walk vice-champion, Jeanick has been Emmanuel Lassalle's trainer since 2012. He has taken 2 walking teams to the Olympic Games, in Athens and Peking. With his Sport’Aide association, he has given support to many sports players for achieving success.

He writes training plans for Newfeel, helping you organise and make progress in your fitness walking sessions.


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Since September 2015, the IRBMS has been assisting us in preparing articles to provide you with more information on walking. The IRBMS is the Well-being, medicine and healthy sports research Institute. According to the IRBMS, safety and health are closely related to exercise and performance. Advising people to engage in physical activities to combat chronic illness and educating them to adopt healthy dietary behaviour is their priority. Newfeel and the IRBMS are keen on promoting your good health through the practice of walking, whether it is active, fast or Nordic walking.

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