Our jobs

Our jobs

Newfeel employs 45 people, who work daily to make walking a
source of energy, escape and well-being. We design and promote
products adapted to how you walk. Here's how it works.

1 - Observing your needs as a walker

Our primary source of inspiration and innovation is you.
Both in the field and in the laboratory, each of our projects starts with research. Our product managers, aided by scientists, observe you to improve their understanding of how your feet work. They identify avenues for improving your walking, whether you are an everyday walker or a seasoned sportsman.

2 - Designing and producing future products

We seek to provide responses based on your needs. Our product managers call on engineers and designers to establish the concepts and technology of our future products. The designers turn these ideas into designs and give them stylistic expression. The engineers then develop prototypes ready to be tested. By you, of course!

Discover the design history
of our Propulse Walk shoes

3 - Testing, improving

Before our walking shoes and equipment go into production, we subject them to a series of tests.

Our rule:

“We keep on improving our products until they meet our requirements. We ask for your impressions of how comfortable you find our shoes or how easy our bags and equipment are to handle while walking.”

4 - Keeping in touch with you

We are delighted whenever you purchase our products at one of Decathlon's 900 stores in 22 countries.

In partnership with coaches, athletes and healthcare professionals, we provide the support enabling you to enjoy your walking every day. We are always impressed by the quality of your product reviews and comments on our tips.

We would just like to thank you for helping us innovate and improve on a daily basis, and for the pleasure of reading your comments and listening to your views! Without you, none of us would enjoy working at Newfeel as much.

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