Objective: 1hr of walking to burn calories

Fitness walking is an endurance sport. By completing 3 walking sessions per week and eating a balanced diet, you will feel all the benefits of fitness walking. Here is a 1hr training session for you to enjoy at your own rhythm and as much as you like!


How can you plan out your walking session in order to burn calories?

Several sessions of one hour each are worth more than one session lasting several hours, so don't lose patience!

Here is an example of a programme to follow during your next walking sessions to reach the "endurance zone" and burn off some calories.

• 5 minutes:warm up, take your time.

• 10 minutes: walk naturally, while gradually accelerating until you feel the signs that you are entering the endurance zone.

• 15 minutes: continue to walk at a fast pace, between 6 and 9km/h if you are measuring your pace.

• 5 minutes: try to increase the cadence and maintain this pace. Listen to your body. If you feel out of breath, slow down to your previous pace!

• 15 minutes: gradually slow down to your previous pace and, once again, start walking at a fast pace, between 6 and 9km/h.

• 10 minutes: slowly return to your natural pace. Remember to give yourself a few minutes to stretch properly!


If you are just starting, you can halve your fast walking sequences (15, 5 and 15 minutes). You will have all the time in the world to lengthen your sessions as your training schedule progresses.

How about a tip to make progress? Increase your training time each week by 5 minutes, divided among the 3 fitness walking sequences according to your preference, and keep a journal.

And what about you? What is your ideal training session?~