Nordic walking, it's child's play

Interested in getting your children to take up a sporting activity? In order to motivate them and help them get started, you must find an activity they enjoy and which is suitable for their age! If you're into Nordic walking, why not take them along with you?This gentle sport, which can be taken up at a very young age, helps with psychomotor development and is a chance for the whole family to spend time together and get moving. Sound good?


You've heard of swimming babies, now get ready for walking babies! Do you have a baby (minimum 3 months) and would you like to get out and meet people? Discover parent/baby Nordic walking outings. These sessions are a way of learning to carry your child combined with the pleasure of Nordic walking: a breath of fresh air for everyone!

Register with your local town's Nordic walking club in your local town to see whether there are any outings organised in your area. You'll be surprised at the interest they'll show in the Nordic walking poles and the walking technique, and even more surprised at the speed with which they'll be able to go. No more "My feet hurt" or "Are we nearly there yet?", but the joy of overtaking their parents!

A new way to get moving

While walking can often be boring for children, Nordic walking brings in a radically different way of moving. It involves a whole new set of skills - having to synchronise your movements, using your arms to propel yourself with the poles - which are satisfying for children and make exercise fun, especially when they see how the technique helps them accelerate quickly. It won't be long before they feel so comfortable they start taking on new challenges such as leaping forward, jumping over obstacles and tackling steep descents.

Face your Nordic walking challenge together

Obviously, you'll need to tailor the distance and gradient to the ages of your children. Get them involved in preparing your Nordic walking route; they'll love playing an active role. Think about setting intermediate goals, making time for breaks and providing rewards for everyone at the end of the route. And to spice things up a little, if your children are old enough: let the winner prepare the next challenge!

Working on synchronisation

Children are not always perfectly coordinated. Nordic walking is an excellent means of helping them with this provided that you start gently: be patient! Your children face a two-fold difficulty in having to synchronise the left arm/right leg and the right arm/left leg. So let's go!

Tip: to make this exercise easier, suggest that your children start by keeping their arms by their sides and dragging the poles behind them. When they are ready, they can try and synchronise their arms and legs, starting with the side they find easiest. As soon as they make a mistake, they must start dragging the poles again. It really works! You'll see!

Are your children tempted to try Nordic walking? Before they start, ensure they are using walking poles that have been adjusted to the right height. This is crucial!