Mission Anti-Stress: 30 minutes walking in the park

Walking in a park, being in contact with nature, considerably reduces stress and makes you feel better. You need more energy? Consider the following five points if you decide to add a walk to your daily routine to help you relax!

Walking in a natural environment is an excellent natural remedy against stress.Walking in a park as often as possible will make you feel happier, and even works your memory.A minimum of 30 minutes walking in the open air, surrounded by trees or around a lake, is an effective way to beat everyday stress and anxiety.


Thanks to on-line maps on your smartphone, you can easily find the closest park by localizing yourself before leaving.If the park on your route is too small for a whole session, include it in your route anyway:it will make a nice break and allow you to enjoy the benefits offered by natural surroundings.


2 - Leave your telephone behind when you go walking

You will be able to focus on your surroundings and therefore enjoy the full benefits of your walk. Also, if your eyes aren't fixed on a screen while you walk, you will maintain a good posture for deep breathing. All this will add to your feeling of well-being!

3 – How fast should I go?

A comfortable speed is recommended for you to feel good and recharge your batteries. Choose to go faster or slower depending on how you are feeling and your physical capacity – above all, the aim is to relax in the open air. Take advantage of this moment to concentrate on your senses, and not your performance.

4 - Take breaks, and take your time

If you are not in a hurry (which is not the aim!) and you have given yourself time to feel better, you can take a few minutes to sit and watch the nature around you. Listening to natural sounds, like the wind in the leaves, is soothing. Take advantage of your break to do a few stretches for complete relaxation, particularly loosening up your shoulders, your back and your neck. These are the parts of the body where the first signs of stress are generally felt.

5 – What equipment do I need?

Even if you're walking for pleasure rather than for performance, a pair of shoes specially designed for fitness walking is still essential equipment. The aim is to feel better in your mind, but also in your feet!

Opt for a comfortable outfit that you can pop in a backpack if you go walking after, or during, your workday.

And don’t forget that to completely relax, there is nothing better than good company. Why not invite your best friend to join you?