How to use the external lock on your Nordic walking poles correctly

We've developed this system to make your life easier.~Now all you have to do is make a slight adjustment, and here's how...


your hands !


So you're now the proud owner of a set of telescopic Nordic walking poles, congratulations!

Before setting off on the Nordic walking trails, I'll ask you to first lean on your pole. 

If your pole shows a tendency to collapse, with the sections sliding into each other, then your external lock needs adjusting.


Let's go! Open the lever and tighten the adjustment knob by hand, just a 1/4 turn to begin with, then close the lever. 

You'll notice that the lever is now harder to close and that the stem slips less.

Carry on doing this 1/4 turn by 1/4 turn, until the lock completely prevents the shaft from slipping once the lever is shut.

If the lever becomes too difficult to close, then you can slightly loosen the knob.


When you adjust the length, don't go past the stop line, as shown on the above photo. If you go past this limit, there's a risk the pole may break when you go walking, potentially causing injury.




If your poles are going to stay in the cupboard for a long time (for example, through the winter), make sure the locks are loosened: with the lever open. That way, you'll preserve their locking strength. And when you put them to use again, don't forget to check that they're still adjusted to the right height.



Stéphane BENADDI, NEWFEEL product engineer


Newfeel product engineer