How to increase your NORDIC WALKING pace

In seeking a new Nordic walking experience, have you decided to increase your pace? Check out some techniques for improving your Nordic walking and increasing your pace in the company of the athlete, Emmanuel Lassalle.


There is no right or wrong speed. What matters is that you walk at your own pace, i.e. the one at which you can walk while maintaining the correct technique.
However, by increasing your speed, you will improve your physical condition more quickly.

In order create some variety during your training sessions, you can do some interval training by alternating between periods of faster walking and periods of active recovery by walking more slowly or doing muscle strengthening exercises, for example.

Increasing your stride frequency

Without disrupting your foot motion, increase the number of steps and push off harder with your poles to propel yourself forwards with more power. This will put much greater demands on the muscles of the shin. Remember to warm up by walking on your heels. Take care not to restrict the amplitude of your arms. They must pass behind the hip.

Increasing your stride length

Extending the length of your strides and, hence, the amplitude of your arms. This technique requires an increase in energy expenditure. This technique will therefore put much greater demands on your cardiorespiratory capacity.
The push-off with the poles on the ground is significantly increased in order to increase the amplitude of the steps you make. Take care not to lower your centre of gravity by bending your knees. Always strike the ground with the heel, not a flat foot.
To increase your amplitude, use your hips, which should always remain stable, and continue moving your legs. Using this technique, you will also strengthen your buttocks and thighs.

Synchronisation, first and foremost

Whatever the method you choose, remember to synchronise your arms and legs. If you decide to lengthen your stride, bear in mind that you need to straighten your arms and stretch them out behind you to accompany your acceleration.

By including interval training sessions, in this way, you will increase your walking speed and your walking time, without getting out of breath.