How to evaluate your fitness and Nordic walking sessions with Decathlon Coach

Getting better at fitness and Nordic walking is not simply a question of slipping on a pair of walking shoes and starting out! You get an explanation on how to use to evaluate your training for the monitoring and analysis of your sessions.


What is the Decathlon Coach mobile app for?

Would you like to get a report on your fitness or Nordic walking training sessions? Check out the Decathlon Coach mobile app that is specially designed for you!

Decathlon Coach is an app that stores and processes your fitness data in order to help you get better.

The app can be useful for:

• Measuring your sports data during your outings

• Analysing the statistics

• Saving a history of your outings

• Offering you sophisticated fitness walking or Nordic walking programmes

• Giving you technical advice

Planning your outing: choose between a free session or a training session. Lace up your shoes and you're ready to go!

Evaluate your fitness walking and Nordic walking training sessions!

A mobile app like Decathlon Coach can also be used to monitor your fitness walking training sessions in real time.

What information does the app provide? You can consult your walking pace straight from your smartphone as well as your distance covered and get real time updates of your GPS route and the calories you have expended.

Are you unsure about whether you have the time to do a circuit on your return route? Look at your stats and check your situation during your outing!

A heart rate monitor belt – a high-tech fitness walking and Nordic walking accessory

We recommend that you get a heart rate monitor belt to monitor your pulse during your fitness walking outings.

You can use this to monitor your heart rate in real time at a glance, while also checking that you are in the target zone for your fitness walking training.

A heart rate monitor belt and the capacity to monitor your pulse are essential if you want to improve and walk at your own pace!

Monitor your fitness stats on Decathlon Coach!

Being able to evaluate your fitness sessions is good, but monitoring your stats is even better! Do you maintain a regular pace during your sessions? Are you running faster than at the start? Can you keep up the same intensity for several kilometres? The app is a good way of providing an overview of your fitness walking training. You can use this to compare your sessions and check the history of your walks.

You will be able to closely monitor your progress!

Don't forget to check our fitness and Nordic walking training plans as well as our advice to help you improve. Download the Decathlon Coach app from the Apple Store or Google Play and remember to launch it by starting your fitness sessions!