Children's eyes are fragile: even after the age of 2, they are still developing. It is therefore very important to protect their eyes through their childhood with efficient sunglasses.

lunettes de soleil enfant

To choose your kids sunglasses, 3 criteria should be considered: UV protection and sturdy lenses, flexible and sturdy frame and finally suitable lens category.


Because the UV rays may damage their cornea, children have an even greater need for sunglasses!

Always make sure that the lenses provide full UV protection. The lens material should filter harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB) to prevent them from reaching the eye. This full UV protection is essential!

A little extra: Polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is a highly impact-resistant material. Children play, move around and fiddle with their glasses. Polycarbonate lenses offer greater resistance.

How To Choose Your Kids Sunglasses?


Children will not hesitate to play with their glasses and fiddle with them. For sunglasses that are pleasant to wear and easily forgotten, it is important to choose an appropriate frame.

There are various types of frames available depending on your child's age .

How To Choose Your Kids Sunglasses?


In order to protect your child from glare, you must choose the appropriate lens category.

The lens category indicates whether the lens is more or less tinted.

For children, choose category 3 or 4 lenses.

Category 4 lenses are recommended when you go to sea or mountains for winter sports.

If the sun shines reasonably, category 3 lenses are very appropriate. This category 3 may help the child keep their sunglasses on their nose for longer.

Children commonly take off their sunglasses because they feel they are in the dark.

Whether you choose a category 3 or a category 4, your child will always be fully protected from UV rays. UV rays are filtered out by the lens material.

How To Choose Your Kids Sunglasses?


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“Don't forget the glasses strap - It will ensure proper and secure fit of the sunglasses on your child's face.”