Do your goals include burning calories and losing weight easily? Good news! We have a solution for you that has only two conditions: a suitable workout regime, and a "fat-burning" diet.

Sound motivating? So, how to work out? What to eat? Read on and find out!

What type of training should do you to burn calories easily?

What type? How many times per week? At what intensity level?

To burn calories, you have to exert your body through some type of physical activity or sport. Your muscles and your heart need energy to do a fitness course, weight-lifting session, power walk, or yoga class. In short, whatever sport you choose, the simple fact of adding a sport to your daily routine will cause you to burn more calories.


Yes, it'll be easier and faster if you do a cardio routine. Your muscles will be exerted and demand that your heart beat faster, raising your heart rate. To meet this demand, your body will first burn the sugar that's available in your body. Once this sugar has been used up, the body starts to consume the fats stored in its adipose (fatty) cells. Bingo! Those are the ones we want to see disappear!

Under what conditions?

cardio fitness group classes
cardio fitness group classes

Diet: Some ground rules for burning fat

Food is fuel for our body. What you eat determines your fitness level, your sport performance, your sleep, your recovery times, your health, and your weight.

No "miracle" product here, just some sound advice.

domyos fitness cardio


domyos fitness cardio

Here's another tip: get organized! Plan your meals, prepare your menus, and shop for what you need based on your plan. Lastly, write down what you eat every day. This will help you stay aware of your diet and adjust it if needed.

To burn more calories easily, you need to do a cardio fitness workout 2 or 3 times a week, plus eat a healthy diet! With that, you will quickly see some results. Guaranteed!

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