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Equipping yourself

What shoes do I need? How to choose your Nordic walking poles? All the answers to your questions about the equipment you need!

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Are you looking for a programme for getting into shape or aiming to get back into sport gently? With this 4-week training programme, you will reach your goal of walking 5km in 50 minutes of fitness walking.


Active walking is an activity that can be practised at any time, indoors and outdoors. Walking indoors is sometimes a tempting option when the weather conditions are not promising... But admit that walking outdoors, in a park or by the water's edge, is always more inspiring for your mind as well as for your body!
Active walking, even better outdoors: proven, 6 times over!


Sport is good for your health, as you already know. But did you know that practising physical activity also boosts your mood? Discover the stress-busting effects of active walking. Now is the perfect time to take a second look at this most comprehensive of sports!


Breathing, walking: these two movements seem so natural that we do them almost unconsciously. However, just as you had to learn how to walk correctly to practise power walking, you also need to re-learn how to breathe properly.