Getting the right gear for fitness walking

Fitness walking is a sport that does not require a massive investment: all you need is a good pair of shoes to make the most of your abilities and enjoy your walks.


What type of shoes should you wear for fitness walking?

When fitness walking, the requirements of your feet are specific to this discipline. Indeed, the movement of the foot is not the same as when running: your heel strikes the ground with a slight backwards movement. Then, without leaving the ground, your foots rolls through fully from the outside of your heel to the big toe, which propels your stride forwards.

You therefore need shoes with less cushioning than those made for running. For fitness walking, you need support and stability to keep your foot aligned in your direction of progress while also having the flexibility to allow your foot to roll through properly.

What to wear when fitness walking

First of all, it is important that you feel comfortable and that you choose clothes that give you great freedom of movement. The most important criterion: the clothing must allow total freedom of movement!

What's more, every sport will entail a certain amount of perspiration. So that walking remains a pleasant experience, we recommend that you wear breathable clothing to evacuate sweat. In addition, bear in mind that your body temperature can rise and fall just as quickly when walking. So it is better to wear several layers of clothing so that you can adjust to the temperature fluctuations. This is particular true if it's cold!

In short: a suitable outfit that will not hinder your movements and a pair of shoes designed for fitness walking are the two elements of your set-up!