Get a strong mind thanks to fitness walking!

You know that fitness walking and Nordic walking are excellent ways to improve your health, but did you know about all their benefits? They are not only excellent for your body, you will quickly discover there are plenty of resources for your mind too. Fitness walking and Nordic walking are invaluable for releasing stress, and a great way to take care of your mental health!


A healthy body... for a healthy mind 

Fitness and Nordic walking offer considerable physical benefits. As you are working out 80% of your muscles, you will tone your whole body and increase the amount of calories burned. As well as these visible effects, these comprehensive sports boost your health in other invaluable ways. They reduce your blood pressure, protect your heart and reduce the risk of developing diabetes and high cholesterol. Fitness and Nordic walking are also beneficial for your bones as they stimulate calcium absorption. During these open-air activities, your lungs rid your body of toxins, and your brain gets a full supply of oxygen. Say goodbye to jitters, fatigue, insomnia and headaches. The physical well-being and feeling of freedom offered by a good walking session are a significant boost for your mental health. Refresh your spirit, soothe your soul and improve your mood! 

Goodbye stress, hello serenity!

Sport releases endorphins, the happiness and pleasure hormones. Anguish, anxiety and low moods disappear once these natural stress beaters are secreted. Fitness and Nordic walking help empty your mind of the stresses and strains of daily life, and leave a feeling of joy and relaxation in their place. You will find enjoyment while you are striding up and down the footpaths during your walking sessions, but the physical and psychological benefits of the exercise will also be felt in the long term. Walking works as a real liberating therapy: when you walk regularly, you are constantly renewing this feeling of well-being and you enter the virtuous circle of permanent tranquillity and mental ease. A good workout, limited stress and improved digestion will also ensure better and restorative sleep, which is one of the keys to achieving serenity!

A huge boost to self-esteem

Thanks to walking, you will sleep better, eat better, breathe better... in a nutshell: you will feel better!~~When you reach this state of physical and mental relaxation, you will gain in confidence. Your work worries will seem a lot less daunting! The sport will also help you challenge yourself and set yourself goals. By taking on these challenges and reaching your goals, you can track your progress and feel proud of your perseverance and diligence. When you organise your timetable around your fitness or Nordic walking sessions, it will have an effect on the rest of your time: you will become more efficient when managing daily tasks and develop a calmer approach to busy days.

So there it is: walking, whatever the style, is a natural way to find reassurance and get perspective on your everyday worries. So, walk without moderation! And enjoy increased satisfaction, confidence and optimism.