Five good reasons to go fitness walking

You want to take up exercising again...but gently? Try fitness walking! Walking is a simple and very effective physical activity if you go fast enough. The increasingly popular sport of fitness walking is enjoyed by many as a gentle and comprehensive activity that can be easily fitted into a busy lifestyle.

The top five reasons why you should try fitness walking!


"Fitness walking gently tones my body"

It isn't easy to take up a physical activity after a break: shortness of breath, loss of flexibility, fear of injury… You won't have these concerns when you go fitness walking, as it is a sport that is particularly kind to your body.

During a fitness walking session, you will roll your foot from the heel to the toes: therefore, your body always stays in contact with the ground. It won't be subjected to leaps or bounces, unlike when you run. This means you will avoid any harsh impacts with the ground, which can sometimes put significant strain on your joints and back.

Therefore there's a lower risk of injury without reducing the beneficial effects of this activity.

"Fitness walking has a slimming effect"

When you walk quickly, your heart rate increases and you burn more calories: approximately 300 to 500 calories burnt per hour.

The particular movement of fitness walking means you swing your arms in a way that works out the majority of your muscles. This helps you strengthen your legs, as well as build the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back, for an overall toning effect on the body.

There's another considerable benefit: done regularly, fitness walking significantly reduces cellulite!

"Daily exercise is good for my health"

Walking regularly has beneficial effects on your general health. Fitness walking offers the same advantages as an endurance sport: you will improve your circulation, maintain your flexibility, and look after your heart.

Walk an extra 30 minutes each day and you will start feeling the difference!

"Fitness walking makes me relaxed"

Fitness walking outdoors helps you to get away from it all and release tensions. It is also a sport that lets you choose your backdrop: parks, forests, quaysides etc. Walk in a location that inspires you, where you can refresh both your body and mind.

As fitness walking is a low-impact sport, you can do it with your friends and family at a speed that suits your physical condition. Wellness walking should done at around 4 to 6 kph, and performance walking at around 7 to 9 kph. This is why it is often referred to as speed walking.

You can even adapt your walking speed to suit your mood!~ 

"Fitness walking has allowed me to get back into sport more easily"

When you take up fitness walking, you don't have to invest in any expensive equipment. All you need to buy when you start is a pair of fitness walking shoes and a breathable sports kit.

When and where you can do it: the town or countryside of your choice, open 24/7!

Have you got the right motivation and equipment? Now all you need to do is learn the basic fitness walking movements so that you too can discover the pleasure and benefits of this trendy sport!