Why is the choice of socks so important?

Socks can rub, they can heat up and they can slip down...and that makes fitness or Nordic walking no fun at all. Here's a quick way to find the right socks for fitness walking without putting a foot wrong.


Why do you need special walking socks?

There is absolutely no joy in  fitness walking with sore feet, unpleasant foot odour, chafing, or even worse, blisters. Yet, cotton socks do not wick away perspiration and bad-quality polyester socks tend to heat your feet.

How to choose the right socks

Go for breathability ! A ventilated, loose-knit fabric wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry. And it is absolutely essential to avoid friction on the metatarsus (ball of the foot) and heels.  Special walking socks are reinforced in these sensitive areas.

 And if appearance is important to you...

Socks designed for walking can also be stylish! Do you know about our SK 500 Fresh socks ? Ultra breathable and friction-proof, they are also both invisible in the shoe and pretty to look at when they come out! Available in several colours, you can mix and match them with your shoes. Which ones do you prefer? You will realise very quickly that a pair of special SK 500 Fresh walking socks can significantly improve comfort and pleasure for walkers.