Fitness walking: What to wear in hot weather

In order to get the most enjoyment our of your summer fitness walking sessions, you will need to tailor your clothing to the hottest temperatures. Choose ventilated sports clothes and footwear!


Wear suitable shoes that allow your feet to breath

If you want to practise fitness walking in summer, even on holiday, choose shoes which ensure the right foot motion, even in high temperatures. There's no point wearing your lightest pair of sport shoes if they are not designed for fitness walking!

When it's hot, your feet perspire more than usual, which is why you need to wick away as much perspiration as you can. This will make your fitness walking sessions more fun, so take care of your feet!

Socks are essential!

When it gets hot, you might be tempted to take off your socks and go barefoot. It's not necessarily a good idea for your feet. What's more, there are now socks that are invisible once you have your fitness walking shoes on.

Cotton socks absorb perspiration and some are designed to wick away perspiration, such as those made from polyamide which breathes.

I'm sure you will have got the message: socks keep your feet dry, but they also reduce chafing. You don't want to go fitness walking with blisters!

• The anti-friction tip: if your socks have internal seams which could rub against your feet, turn them inside out. You could also try special creams designed to avoid chafing.

Choose light clothes in bright colours

Dark colours absorb the heat, so avoid them! In summer your body temperature increases when exercising. To regulate it, you will also need to wear clothes that are as light as possible.

The perfect solution? A breathable sport T-shirt, to wick away perspiration, enabling great freedom of movement. When you perspire, the correct arm movements can quickly become painful because of friction between your arms and your body.

Obviously, leave your tights at home and wear shorts or racing shorts! Your bottoms must not be too wide to avoid painful friction!

A tip for keeping cool: dampen your top before you go walking to keep your body at its natural temperature as long as possible.


Don't forget the basics for protecting yourself from the sun

Walking in the shade is not always possible. To avoid sunburn and prevent sunstroke, wear a cap and sunglasses and apply sun cream to the most exposed parts of your body (face, neck, arms and legs).

You now have everything you need to go walking this summer, as long as you have also prepared properly for your next fitness walking session in the sun!

5 - Walking on uneven ground: works muscles even more intensely

Unlike in the gym, nature offers a changeable walking terrain with its unceasing relief. Ideal for working your heart rate! 

Take advantage of uneven terrain. The uphill and downhill stretches vary your walk and your physical effort.

You will tone both your buttocks and thigh muscles!

6 - Explore a new natural environment: and routine goes out of the window!

Changing your environment regularly (park, forest, lake, etc.) stops you from falling into an uninspiring routine. By always treading the same path or running on the spot on your treadmill, you will find yourself less motivated to practise sport and gradually lose your enthusiasm. It's not surprising!

By varying your outdoor fitness and Nordic walking sessions, you will maintain your motivation and you are more likely sustain the activity long term, all year round!

What are your personal reasons for fitness and Nordic walking outdoors?