Fitness walking or Nordic walking: choose your side!

You can't decide between fitness or Nordic walking?If you are looking for a gentle endurance sport, then they are both right for you. All you need to do now is decide which suits you best depending on the subtle differences. We explain the similarities and differences so you can make a choice between Nordic and fitness walking!

Fitness walking or Nordic walking: choose your side!

Two low-impact endurance sports

Fitness walking and Nordic walking are very similar. They both work on breathing, cardiovascular fitness and many of the body's muscles. They are both genuine endurance sports - nothing like the walking you do unconsciously every day. Fitness walking - also known as power walking - is walking at a fast pace. Which is also the case for Nordic walking. Another similarity: fitness walking and Nordic walking are dynamic but gentle sports. They are both much less stressful on the body than running, for example.

Nordic walking poles

If you watch a group of fitness walkers and a group of Nordic walkers, there is one obvious difference. Walking poles, of course! Only Nordic walking uses poles - that's the difference. But don't confuse it with hiking! Nordic walking poles are not held vertically; they follow the body's movements and are pushed backwards.

Nature or urban - different surroundings

Unlike hiking, Nordic walking and fitness walking are practised on a flat surface to avoid interfering with the natural walking action. Fitness walking is usually an urban sport: parks, quays, even a treadmill. On the other hand, Nordic walking is usually practised in a natural environment, on forest trails or country paths. But there is no hard and fast rule! Nordic walkers can often be found in urban areas, and power walkers also leave the city to train in a more natural environment.

The same objectives: health and performance

The main aim of fitness and Nordic walking is to practise a complete sport to stay in shape.One hour of walking at around 6.5 km/hour burns about 300 calories…and gives you a lift! Finally, the biggest risk in walking - whether it be fitness or Nordic walking - is addiction. The initial goal is to stay healthy, but as you improve, you end up enjoying each session more and more. And then you begin challenging yourself...

So, which side are you on - fitness or Nordic walking?