Discovering Nordic walking

Are you looking for a comprehensive, dynamic and accessible sport? Nordic walking is made for you!


1. What is fitness walking?

There are few sports that can revitalise you, while giving 80% of your muscles a gentle workout (arms, abs, thighs, glutes, etc.). Nordic walking, with its use of poles, is the ideal outdoor sport for getting back into shape and toning your muscles. With our 'Discovering Nordic Walking' programme, designed to learn the basics of this ultra-comprehensive sport, well-being, fitness and health are within your reach.

3. Join us!

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My training programme

Session 1: 50 minutes to learn the ropes

Do 10 minutes of warm-up exercises, then walk naturally for 5 minutes, letting your poles drag along behind you. Without stopping, grab the handles and walk for 10 minutes using the right technique. Repeat twice, then stretch for 10 minutes.

Session 2: 50 minutes to work on synchronisation

After 10 minutes of warm-ups, 30 minutes of Nordic walking using full movements with the poles. Plant the poles naturally into the ground towards the rear, in time with your steps. To finish the session, do stretches for 10 minutes.

Session 3: 50 minutes to tone your arms using the poles

After 10 minutes of warm-ups, 30 minutes of Nordic walking using full movements: this time, push hard on the pole before opening your hand up fully when your hip moves level with the pole. Don't forget to do your stretches afterwards!

Session 4: 60 minutes to learn to go uphill and downhill when Nordic walking

After 10 minutes of warm-ups, 40 minutes of Nordic walking including 1 or 2 slight ascents or descents to accentuate your cardio workout. When ascending, slow your pace and push harder on the poles. Conversely, the poles will help you slow down when descending. To finish the session, do stretches for 10 minutes.

Choosing the right equipment for Nordic walking

Your Nordic walking poles must be adjusted to your height to ensure optimal movement. There are 3 stages to this: after planting your right pole when your left heel touches the ground, push the pole until your hip moves level with it, then open your right hand to release the pole and repeat the process with your left pole! The gloves will enable you to release and grip the poles easily when Nordic walking.

At Decathlon, we believe passionately in the quality and technical sophistication of your Nordic walking poles. Give our products a try. If you are not satisfied, we promise to give you a refund*.