How to keep your feet warm

Does the cold stop you going outside? It's true, when the temperature goes down, it's difficult to stay active. Your extremities are the first to feel the cold, so here are 3 tips for staying on track without cold feet!


It may seem obvious, but to keep your feet warm, it's important to choose the right shoes for the length of the cold season.


1 - Thick soles

To avoid wearing your après-ski boots off the slopes, make sure the sole of your shoes is thick enough to protect your feet from the cold ground.


2 - Shoes which wick away perspiration

You don't stop perspiring because it's cold. When the weather's cold, leaving your feet damp is the best way to fall ill and feel even colder. And if there's rain too, the best choice is a pair of water repellent shoes.

Did you know? unlike waterproof shoes which completely cut your feet off from outside, water repellent shoes are breathable and keep your feet dry. Perspiration is wicked away and the rain doesn't penetrate your shoes.

3 - Why not fur-lined shoes?

With fur-lined shoes, you can stay outside and forget low temperatures. Thanks to the fur lining, you forget the cold and your feet stay warm. And walking with fur-lined shoes is much more comfortable, both for you and your feet, isn't it? 

There's no point wearing several pairs of socks

Wearing several pairs of socks might seem like a good idea, but often our feet feel cold because of bad circulation. By layering socks, the elastic stops the blood flowing, which doesn't stop your feet being cold!

So...? Wear one pair of socks, ideally cotton or wool socks which dry more quickly than synthetic socks.

Walk briskly!

Get your body moving! Using your feet and leg muscles when walking improves your circulation and produces energy to keep you warm. Walk briskly and your body becomes a mobile radiator...and you tone yourself at the same time: unroll your feet from the heel to the toes, and swing your arms naturally back and forth!