Choosing your child's shoes

Choosing your child's shoes - does it have to be a headache? Beyond colour and looks, we look at 5 questions you should be asking yourself before buying, to help you to make the right choice!


1 - Are they the right size?

When choosing the size of your child's shoes, there is no big secret: Your child must try them on! In order for them to grow, their feet must be supported, especially at the heel. However, you need to make sure that your child's feet do not feel squashed. Their toes should be able to move freely so that the foot can grow properly.

• Tip: With Newfeel children's shoes, it is very easy to establish whether they are the right size: our insoles are removable! ask your child to place their foot on top, with their heel at the back of the insole. The big toe should not protrude beyond the front of the insole.

2 - Will my child be able to get their shoes on/off by themselves?

At around 5 or 6, children are capable of tying their own laces. But, to make this easier for them, choose shoes with rip-tabs or those that have a combination of elastic laces and rip-tabs. This will save you time, and will encourage your little one to become more independent.

3 - Will my child be able to practise sports with their shoes?

So that your child can do all the activities they need to do, their shoes must have the following 4 properties:

1. Flexibility: your child should be able to move freely. It should be easy to flex the shoe!

2. Grip: It is preferable to choose rubber soles that are naturally non-slip and non-marking. The soles of children's shoes must have a tread pattern to prevent your child from slipping!

3. Cushioning: Although minimal cushioning is preferable up to the age of 7, sufficient cushioning is required later on as the child grows and becomes heavier.

4. Durability: check that the shoes are reinforced at the front and back, because these are the areas that wear out most quickly.


• Please note: our shoes are primarily designed for walking, but are also suitable for school sports. Depending on the activity, check that the newfeel shoes are not wearing out prematurely!

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4 - What about unpleasant odours?

Your child is a bundle of energy and very active, running around and sweating. Sweat alone is not the cause of unpleasant odours. Rather, it is the bacteria which build up if you do not allow the shoes to breathe.

Check before buying whether it is possible to remove the insole from the shoe. Our children's shoes have a removable insole. This should be dried outside to prevent the growth of the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours!