What is so special about our Flowalk shoes?

Our Flowark range is broken down into a number of different colours and materials, and includes every shape. What do they have in common? An innovative sole for maximum comfort!

Discover the Flowalk Technology :

It was during our observations of people walking that we had the idea of creating a sole that would provide the cushioning needed to ensure your feet are comfortable and the flexibility needed to provide you with total freedom of movement.

What was the idea? The idea was to interlock a supple and flexible insole with the outsole. Sticking them together would have removed all the flexibility of the insole: this is what makes the Flowalk Technology special: the perfect balance between cushioning and flexibility!

With the Flowalk Technology, rediscover the flexibility of your feet throughout the day. 
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Practising sports from time to time is good. Practising every day is even better! By walking every day, you will work your entire body, limit your stress and contribute to improving your own health. But to really reap the benefits of active walking, you need to find the time…