Wapearl, a mind-blowing technology !

What is the WAPEARL concept?

Wapearl is a concept developed by our Novadry partner, which makes products treated using this technology, ultra-water repellent and stain proof! This phenomenon is called 'hydrophobia': indeed! Your footwear fears water and no longer lets it in !

Thanks to this concept, get a breath of fresh air without taking on any water and stay dry, clean and light!

So… how does it work?

Hydrophobic treatments are generally applied by submerging the fabrics and materials in a bath prior to assembling the final products, such as water repellent jackets and shoes. The Wapearl technology uses Plasma gas (4th state of a material: solid, liquid, gas and plasma (energised gas)), which is injected into the vacuum chamber, by creating an electromagnetic field. Consequently, the gas coats the product andattaches itself to the core of the material instead of simply coating the surface in a superficial manner. 

Before this concept existed, the components of a shoe were treated and then assembled. Thanks to the WAPEARL concept, the shoe is treated in its entirety (except the sole and the laces): the material, assemblies and even the stitching are completely water repellent!

What are the benefits of such a technology?

  • Protection: the 'WAPEARL' treatment provides 30 minutes of protection under a downpour and more than an hour of protection in a heavy drizzle. The treated product preserves its original breathable properties.

  • Cleanliness: water and mud slides off the surface of the product without soaking in: which makes the shoe resistant to oil and mud stains!

  • Durable: the treatment withstands up to 10 household washes, when a standard treatment using a bath will withstand no more than 4 washes!

  • Lightness: an untreated product doubles in weight on average when it comes into contact with water. Thanks to its ultra-water repellency, the water does not soak in and you can be sure that the shoe remains lightweight in rain!

  • Comfort: Keep your feet nice and dry: no feeling of humidity and the feeling of 'cold', which you feel when your feet wet are wet, is considerably reduced!

  • Breathability: The material remains no less breathable! As a result, the feet perspire less, which improves hygiene and reduces unpleasant odours.

This technology is mind blowing, isn't it? ϑ For your information, our new men's FROST footwear is equipped with this treatment! Check it out :


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