How do you explain the durability of our products ?

At Newfeel, one of our priorities is to offer you high-quality products that last. We know that your everyday life is busy and that's why we want you to know that we make it a point of honour to test all our products as part of the production process...
What is the principle behind this? We observe your everyday actions: the way you hold your pack, open it, even the way you put it down, as well,as the way you walk, how you remove your shoes etc. We have machines that reproduce your actions and we test products using them! Thanks to this stage and the long-term field tests that we mentioned for the Actireo, we can make corrections to our products in order to guarantee the standard of quality! Didn't you know about this?! Now, you don't have any excuses... ;)
Take a look at the tests carried out in our laboratories in our video:
Don't worry any more about making a choice, our products are designed to last for longer than the school year... ;-)