Did you know ? There are three parts to the secret of the comfort of baoma's sole !

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Designed by the Newfeel team in 2008, Baoma flattie was quickly adopted by thousands of walkers, like yourself! Since then, its shape has been regularly improved on the basis of your feedback and opinions to offer greater comfort and a more elegant and feminine form.

A survey in 2010 revealed that 99% of our female customers found our flattie comfortable and were prepared to recommend it. And the opinions that we still receive today on the internet are equally positive.

But why does it feel so comfortable? Why is the Baoma so easy on my feet? Newfeel unveils all its secrets… 

The Baoma flattie is often appreciated for its supple material that adapts to every shape of foot, thanks to its stretch mesh textile and adjustable strap with an elastic fastener. The Baoma is also so comfortable thanks to its sole in three sections! A word of explanation:

The sole of a shoe is made of three parts:

  • First, the insole: the interior of the shoe on which you place your foot.
  • then, the midsole, which is not always visible,
  • and finally, the outsole, which comes into contact with the ground.

For the Baoma flattie, each one of these parts was developed by our design teams together with customers, who tested the shoes in order to optimise their comfort so that they meet your needs when you go walking. 

How? More secrets! 

The insole:

The insole is covered with leather, which makes for greater breathability, so that your feet remain dry, even in the summer! What is more unpleasant that perspiration when you are walking? And leather is a material that feels comfortable, even when walking barefoot. The breathability is further improved by the perforated sole. This will help to wick away perspiration so that it can be absorbed by the foam under the sole. The sole is moulded, which is not the case for most shoes, to offer better support for the heel and to avoid pains in the back and articulations when walking.

And a little secret just for you: the pleasant feel of the leather is enhanced by the leather heel support and foam pad that have been added to your Baoma flattie to protect the sensitive back of your feet, especially when wearing shoes without any socks.

The midsole :

The midsole of the Baoma flattie is made of EVA foam! What? You don't know what EVA foam is? Don't worry, neither do I ;-) But Jacques, who designed your flattie, can reveal everything! EVA foam is the standard-setting material in the shoe industry to absorb the shocks when your heel meets the ground, thereby limiting the impacts transmitted to your articulations. It protects your joints and your back. This is just one of the reasons why our customers like the Baoma flattie, which they can wear all day, without feeling any discomfort! 

The outsole :

The outsole is in permanent contact with the ground when you walk. The outsole of the Baoma is made of rubber: a material that offers good grip and is hard-wearing over time. And the shape of the sole also offers a number of benefits, because it improves the heel grip when you walk. The rounded mound at the rear supports your feet as you start to stake each step. The sole then supports the heel-to-toe transition of your feet to create a really comfortable feeling as you walk, to the extent that you might even forget that you are wearing shoes, thanks to the flex grooves in the sole of your flattie that offer a more supple and natural heel-to-toe transition.

And it's lightweight too !

The three parts of the sole are designed to be both hard-wearing and light (the size 39 flattie weighs just 161g) so that you can wear them all day long without tiring out your legs! 

So you now know all the secrets behind the design of the Baoma flattie!

And have you already tried out these flatties for everyday use? And are you satisfied with them?
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