walking-with-several other people

Why walking with several other people is a great idea

Are fitness and Nordic walking individual sports? Often regarded as a sport to be done alone, fitness and Nordic walking can also be experienced in a group. We asked several walkers why they prefer walking in a group. Don't go it alone any more, dare to team up with other people!

1 - Join a group, it's more fun!

Joining a group quickly integrates you into the walking community. It's a good way to share your passion, without competition. For example Sophie, who discovered a warm, sporting ambiance by joining a group:

"Encounters, good humour, joy and shared enjoyment... that's what stands out for me from my group walks. Walking together opens you up to other people and helps you grow thanks to the group!" - Sophie

2 - Walk with several other people to remain 100% motivated

Regardless of the goal you're trying to achieve by fitness or Nordic walking, you will only obtain satisfactory results by walking regularly. Some people find that a group is an additional motivation to slip on their fitness walking shoes or take up their Nordic walking poles. For example Yann, who would not drop his group for anything in the world:

"Walking in a group certainly keeps me motivated. That's because signing up for and taking part in each session is a way to challenge yourself" - Yann

3 - Walk together to boost your session and surpass yourself

Aurélie discovered the physical and mental resources she suspected she had even before joining her walking group. As well as learning tips and tricks from more experienced walkers, being together breaks the monotony of long walks. What's more, the group dynamics enable you to cheerfully encourage one another!

"Walking in a group encourages me to walk faster, for longer and go beyond my capabilities. When you're feeling a bit lethargic, this isn't necessarily so for the other walkers. The group enables you to stick at it!" - Aurélie

4 - A group makes you feel safer

Although we don't always think about it, joining a walking group also enables you to enjoy all the benefits of this sport in greater serenity, especially women. A group gives you confidence. You can exert yourself in greater serenity, in the knowledge that you are supported by other walkers. This is very important to feel better and enjoy a real moment of relaxation!