Why everyone should try active walking

Walking is the easiest, most natural movement there is. Have you decided to pep up your walks and improve your fitness, all at the same time? Here's how to do it the right way to get the most out of walking!

What is sport walking?

Active walking is an easy way to make the most of walking. It's great for helping you slim down and relax. Perhaps you thought crazy, intense workouts were the only way to get in shape. Rest assured, they're not. By just picking up the pace to about 5 kph – a little faster than a regular stroll – you can make active walking a regular part of your routine. Read on to find out how!

Pick up the pace and roll your feet

To burn calories and relax with active walking, you need to make sure you're walking the right way. Every day gives you a chance to work some sport into your routine!

People often pick up bad walking habits, striking the ground with the centre of their foot. Each foot has 26 bones, 16 joints and 107 ligaments, giving it the ideal structure to walk with a smooth, fluid movement by rolling your entire foot heel to toe.

To boost your walking, incorporate these three movements for a proper stride: your heel should land first, then roll your entire foot before pushing off with your toes. You'll gain flexibility and will be walking better in no time!

Don't feel silly using your arms to tone yourself up

Walking well means using your arms. Don't feel silly swinging your arms when you're walking briskly.

Stay relaxed, with your shoulders back and swing your arms naturally. Not only does this movement help you maintain your balance, but it also works your upper body muscles and obliques along the side of your body. After just a few sessions, you'll feel great and will start to be more toned!

Also remember to stand up straight: active walking uses your entire body and helps you build endurance from head to toe.

  • Remember: Take the time to walk with the proper foot motion and forget about your fitness goals and just enjoy walking to keep you motivated. If you stick with it, you'll start to see the benefits of this endurance sport over time without subjecting yourself to injury! 


Walking is a complete, simple and effective sport but your feet, which are needed for walking, are complex. Made up of 26 bones, many joints and several ligaments, our feet are what enable our bodies to walk.


Sports specialists define walking as "the nearest thing you can get to the ideal physical exercise".Fitness walking is an accessible sport that can be practised at different rhythms and for different reasons. Follow our guide designed to help choose the right pair of fitness walking shoes.