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Which travel accessories should you choose before you leave ?

Several travel accessories are available to secure and personalise your luggage so as to provide comfort and safety during your sports trips and holidays. Check out these various items that can make your life and sports trips a little bit easier!

Choose the right travel accessories for your luggage in three simple steps:

1/ Secure your luggage

Luggage strap :

accessoires voyages valide sanglea strap wraps around your suitcase to keep your belongings safe and secure. It can be easily adjusted to the size of your bag and can be tightened to make your bag less bulky. To spot your luggage from a distance and avoid confusion or theft, we recommend selecting a coloured strap.

Lock :

accessoires voyages valide cadenas porte étiquettea lock is an indispensable safety accessory for all your sports trips. Both key locks and combination locks are available, take your pick !

> Check out the Newfeel luggage locks


Note that if you plan to travel to the United States, you will be required to use a TSA certified lock (Transport Security Association), a special lock that can only be opened by US customs authorities who are authorised to inspect suspect luggage. Learn more

2/ Personalise your luggage

Label holder :

accessoires voyages valide cadenas porte étiquettewrite your name and address on the inside of the label holder and then attach it to your bag. This will help you identify your bag and keep it from getting lost. Bear in mind that when travelling by plane or train, labelling your travel bags is required.

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Comfort carry handles : 

accessoires voyages valide cadenas porte étiquette poignetFor more comfortable sports trips and relief for sore hands while carrying your bags, foam-padded "comfort" carry handles are an excellent solution !

> Check out our Newfeel comfort carry handles


3/ Get the most out of your luggage space

Storage covers :

Storage covers are available to make it easier to store your bag or keep your laundry separate. We recommend the 3 storage cover kit by Newfeel which includes three different sizes: small (26x10x20cm), medium (36x25x10cm), and large (41x31x10cm). Additionally, to carry your shoes without soiling your other belongings and to keep bad smells out of your bag, check out the Newfeel shoe carry cover.

Need help organizing your things in your bag ?

Don't miss our helpful video:How to pack your bag ?


Choose coloured accessories !

Here's a helpful tip for colouring your bag and spotting it from a distance: Don't forget that Newfeel travel accessories are available in a range of colours: grey, yellow, pink, blue, orange, and black. Pick the one that you like best !

Choose the right accessories to stay safe and comfortable during your sports trips !

coussin voyage accessoires de voyage confortPillow :

Stay comfortable (and get some sleep!) while travelling, by taking an inflatable pillow with you.! It will help you rest by supporting your head in an upright position while seated.


accessoires voyages caches billets ceinture pochetteMoney belt and hidden wallet :

Beware of pick-pockets while travelling! Keep your identification papers and money close at hand by wearing a money belt. This indispensable accessory is extremely useful for preventing theft! We recommend the thin and practical Newfeel money belt or hidden pocket wallet.


Need more advice for your sports trips ?

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Preparing to travel but don't know what travel luggage to choose? What size should you take? Following are some tips to make sure you set off on your sports trip with peace of mind.