what do you need to start race walking?

Race walking is easily accessible to all, and at any age. Race walking can be done on any relatively flat road, an athletics track or around a lake.

Lightweight, dynamic and comfortable race-walking shoes

When you've had a few lessons and learnt the technique, all you need to do is get your equipment. This sport doesn't require much equipment: good walking shoes, the right clothing, anti-chafing cream...and off you go!

As is the case for running, it is essential to choose the right shoes because they are the only thing in contact with the ground. In race walking, the body receives 4 times its own weight each time the foot hits the ground (compared with 7 for running). 

 Walking shoes must be  flexible and dynamic to optimise the roll out of the foot to release the energy when your heel hits the ground. 

If you plan to walk longer, for several hours for example, it is also important to choose lightweight shoes to lighten your stride as much as possible. There's no point carrying additional weight and wasting energy.

And don't neglect comfort. If you reduce rubbing, you prevent blisters. Seamless shoes with a flexible stiffener avoid such problems

Race walking clothes

Choose light and fluid clothes for  race walking. In summer, shorts and a tank top are enough, but in winter, we recommend tights and a long-sleeved with a thermal jacket. 

To avoid chafing, use  a anti-chafing cream is essential.

For motivation and concentration

Motivation and concentration are important qualities for anyone wanting to start race walking. It takes time to master the technique, so there is no room for impatience. Train regularly to repeat and acquire the technique by gradually correcting little defects.

The Decathlon Coach application is useful for programming and measuring your walking workouts.