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Having trouble encouraging your children to walk? Next time try the Newfeel walking poles - they have superpowers. That's why Nordic walking has become such a popular family sport.
Tying up your fitness walking shoes properly
Tying up your shoe laces is child's play, right? Not necessarily… blister formation and discomfort while walking can be due to badly tied up shoe laces! Find out how to remedy this.
When fitness walking as well as fast walking, staying motivated is the key to success. You will attain your objectives if you manage to walk regularly. Many walkers measure their performance using a pedometer to stay motivated.
Nordic walking is a sport that requires 2 special poles that help the walker propel him or herself forwards, in a movement that strengthens the upper body. As opposed to hiking, where poles are only recommended, these poles are essential to the sport. That's why it's crucial to choose poles specific to Nordic walking, adapted to your requirements when you go walking. Follow our instructions!
Do you feel like giving Nordic walking a go? This sport only requires a small amount of equipment. A pair of poles, some special Nordic walking shoes, some sports clothing and a small backpack is enough. Once you have the right equipment, you can embark on your first Nordic walks!
cold-feet-are-a-thing-of-the past
Does the cold stop you going outside? It's true, when the temperature goes down, it's difficult to stay active. Your extremities are the first to feel the cold, so here are 3 tips for staying on track without cold feet!