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Tying up your fitness walking shoes properly
Tying up your shoe laces is child's play, right? Not necessarily… blister formation and discomfort while walking can be due to badly tied up shoe laces! Find out how to remedy this.
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Did you know that in fitness walking, just like in Nordic walking, the foot motion plays a very important role? Why should you work on this foot motion, and how? Discover the secrets of the Xtense technology, which could really help you in your walking.
Choosing your child's shoes - does it have to be a headache? In addition to the colour and looks, you should be asking yourself 5 questions before making your purchase and choosing the right shoes!
When you go Nordic walking, your feet unroll on the ground in a movement specific to this sport. Fitness walking shoes are specially designed to facilitate this movement, which goes from the heel to the big toe, in 3 stages
Sports specialists define walking as "the nearest thing you can get to the ideal physical exercise". Fitness walking is an accessible sport that can be practised at different paces and for different reasons. Follow our guide to finding the right pair of shoes for fitness walking.
When fitness walking as well as fast walking, staying motivated is the key to success. You will attain your objectives if you manage to walk regularly. Many walkers measure their performance using a pedometer to stay motivated.
In order to get the most enjoyment our of your summer fitness walking sessions, you will need to tailor your clothing to the hottest temperatures. Choose ventilated sports clothes and footwear!
Although fitness walking is open to everyone and all you really need is a suitable pair of shoes for your level and the terrain, a full set of equipment and a few good habits will ensure your comfort, well-being and the effectiveness of your workout.