Walking with your dog: you'll love it!

Why choose between your fast walking session and spending time with your dog? So mix the pleasure of walking with that of spending some time with your dog!

You love your dog so much that it breaks your heart to leave him behind when you are out for your walking session. So, take him with you, he will only be happier for it. In addition to the pleasure you will both get from it, fitness or Nordic walking with your dog, which is known as K9 fitness walking has multiple benefits! Overview of a physical activity that is made for you and your doggy.  

A moment that will do you and your dog some good

Taking your dog out for a walk is a fundamental activity that they pine for. Even if the time spent together is not unpleasant for you, it is sometimes difficult to find the time for your own fast walking exercise. Or you simply find it hard to build up the energy and courage to go out a second time, having just got in.

K9 walking combines your outings so that you can both enjoy the respective benefits: your fitness walking training that you have been so looking forward to and the walk that your doggy is pining for. You can do all this while having real fun by combining your respective favourite activities in one: K9 walking.


The chance to train your dog to obey commands

They are your best friend and companion during your adventures. They will also become your training companion. Indeed, walking with your dog is also part of your training. And in order to train together, it is important to move together.

As you are linked to each other (you wear a belt, your dog wears a harness and there is a lead between both of you), your dog feels like you are moving as a team. They may forget this at the start because they are not yet used to it. In this case, you will need to raise your voice and teach them to go in the direction you are heading. Indeed, if they are ahead of you, you must still be the boss!


For a walking session that is really fun

With K9 walking, prepare yourself to grow some wings! The pulling force of your dog moving ahead of you will stretch the lead by which you are linked together. Given that the lead is fastened to your belt, your hips will naturally adopt a forwards position. This will aid the forwards movement of your legs and help your foot to roll through properly. You will benefit from the speed of your dog and automatically use your arms to help you. You can walk quickly without tiring yourself out!


It is similar to an exercise practised by race walkers: a runner runs in front of the walker. Both of them have a belt and a plastic cord (to avoid jolts) links them together. This special exercise gives a real feel of the technical aspects of walking fast… With your doggy, it's the same!

Don't forget to stick to a moderate pace that suits you. Despite never having experienced this type of collaboration, you are the one who must set the pace!

The perfect opportunity to get your dog to become more sociable

You have probably noticed it: you dog needs exercise and if he doesn't get it, he will go completely crazy! 

Regular fitness walking with your dog will release any pent-up energy and get them used to the outdoor environment. Fitness walking with your dog, which is to be practised to your heart's content between friends and family, has the benefit of developing their attention. They smell new odours, see new landscapes, meet new people and new four-legged companions with whom they will learn to interact. Just like us, meeting other dogs will also do your dog some good!


The few precautions to be taken

Like all sports activities, K9 fitness walking must take into account several factors in order to be safe and be of real benefit.

1. Remember to carry some water not only for you but also for your dog. You will therefore need to take a small bowl with you. There are dog backpacks that you can fasten to their harness in which they can carry their bowl.

2. Take a belt for you, a harness for the dog and an elastic lead that will cushion any jolts.

3. Do not start this physical activity together until your dog has finished growing. Your vet can easily give you this information.

4. Don't forget that, although you are the boss, you should be very attentive to the needs of your training companion, who will have their own off days, just like you ;) !

That's it, you're ready to try out K9 fitness walking to the delight of your dog! Can you hear your dog yapping with impatience in the entrance hall?


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