From walking to meditation - just a step away!

Do you need to centre yourself? Do you want to get back to basics? Fitness and Nordic walking help you find harmony between your body and your mind and feel inner peace.

Listen to your body

Nordic walking and fitness walking both gently relax your muscles. When you are walking, you gradually loosen each part of your body, and you will feel tensions slipping away one by one; from your neck, your shoulders and your back. When you move, your whole being awakens. Energy circulates around your body, and you will be able to listen to your senses ready for meditation. Concentrate on the contact of your feet on the ground, and you will become aware of being anchored to the earth. It will bring deep regeneration, give you a boost of energy, and provide you with a feeling of peace. Your perception is heightened, and your impressions intensified as you get back in touch with your sensuality. Say goodness to stiffness and aches, as your whole body is relaxed and revitalised.

Stimulate your breathing

Breathing is the key to meditation. Well, with fitness or Nordic walking, you will gradually increase your respiratory capacity! During your session, concentrate on your inspirations and expirations. Focus on your chest, which will rise and fall. Keep your mind on these elements, and don't let any other thoughts interrupt this. You will fill your body with oxygen, a source of abundance and powerful vibes. Visualise energy flowing through your respiratory tracts. When you breathe in, you are taking in fresh air, which provides positive renewal. When you breathe out, you are expelling the upsets and negative feelings from your day. You will increase your lung capacity and feel purified.

Nordic walking and fitness walking are both great stepping stones to meditation for those who are looking for an easy way to get started. Being present, listening to your body and breathing - what could be a more intuitive way to get back to basics?