Walking every day: you have everything to gain!

Practising sports from time to time is good. Practising every day is even better! By walking every day, you will work your entire body, limit your stress and contribute to improving your own health. But to really reap the benefits of active walking, you need to find the time…

Here are some of the benefits of practising sports every day and our 5 top ideas for walking a little more each day!

Active walking, the ultimate "health sport"

Active walking is a gentle and stimulating activity from all points of view. Here is a short and non-exhaustive list of its benefits:

Walking releases tension

A session of active walking in your day is an excellent way to break the stressful cycle of modern life. You will gain perspective, clear your head and your stress will gradually dissipate naturally.

Feeling irritable? Why not try a high speed session of active walking!

Dog tired? Walk at a moderate speed, breathing in slowly from the abdomen. Observe the nature that surrounds you... Zenitude will not be far behind!

Work on your muscle strength

Walking daily works all of your muscles deeply. Bit by bit, your thighs and buttocks will firm up and your back will gradually feel stronger. You will gradually become stronger, without the feeling of intense or even violent movement, through daily activity.

Practised over a longer period, active walking also improves your blood circulation and strengthens your cardiac capacity.

Walking helps you to lose weight

Charles Aisenberg, sports consultant, confirms: "Active walking is one of the best diets!"

Indeed, regular, consistent effort is better assimilated by the body and easier to stick to over the longer term. An end to short term yoyo dieting!

5 tips for encouraging daily walking

The National Health Nutrition Programme recommends walking for 30 minutes "more" each day , to be in good health. It's not so difficult to achieve this if you change a few habits.

1 - Get off the train at the previous stop

Finish the last part of the journey on foot and get some fresh air between the office and home. With a little training and organisation, you may even be able to walking longer each day!

2 - Walk during your lunch break

Go and collect your lunch on foot! Walking for a few minutes will increase your appetite, and also give you a real break from the working day.

3 - Collect your children from school on foot

After school or nursery, it is much more pleasant to walk side by side and talk about each other's day. If there is a park on your route home, so much the better!

4 - Make the most of the weekend to take a long walk

Either alone, or with family or friends, head for your nearest park or forest. By walking, you will also expose your skin to natural light for a healthy glow!

5 - Leave the car at home!

If you have an errand to run, a document to drop off… Rediscover the short journeys that can be travelled by foot! You will have to push yourself at first… but once you are in the habit, you won't want to do it any other way!

There so are many ways to make walking a part of your daily routine, even in winter : Often it simply comes down to taking the first step!


Would you like to lose a few pounds, but the needle on your scales isn't swinging in the right direction? Charles Aisenberg, sports doctor at the INSEP (French National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance), recommends fitness walking for those looking to feel better about their body.Forget about the fuss of fad diets and walk your way to weight loss instead!


Sport is good for your health, as you already know. But did you know that practising physical activity also boosts your mood? Discover the stress-busting effects of active walking. Now is the perfect time to take a second look at this most comprehensive of sports!