Vacation time : stree-free departure

Just like you, we're all impatiently waiting for the summer vacations ! And, just like you, we've experienced those rising last-minute stress levels when it's time to get packed and ready to go. No need to panic ! Our Newfeel product heads and luggage designers are experienced travellers and very knowledgeable in luggage use. Today, these experts share their best practices with you  !

The Newfeel team's tips and tricks, based on your means of transport


1# Be sure add a colourful address tag with your name and address to help keep your luggage from getting lost, and lock it with a colourful travel luggage lock. These two little steps can help you spot your bags from a distance! 

2# Always check the exact size that is accepted by the airline you will be travelling with, both for check-in and carry-on luggage. This information is usually available on the airline's website.

3# Worried about going over the authorised weight limit—especially since overweight charges really add up quickly? Take aportable luggage scale with you! This highly practical device will save you from panic attacks when it's time to check in or board! 

4# If you're going to be checking in luggage, it's best to arrive earlier at the airport to check in.

5# Your carry-on bags stays with you throughout your trip, so that's where to put the belongings that are most important to you.

To learn more about airline standards, be sure to read our article on bag and suitcase advantages: fact or fiction?. 


1# When purchasing a bag with wheels, make sure that it can be easily pushed as well as pulled behind you; in a train, you often end up having to push your luggage in front of you.

2# Don't get to the train at the last minute; it's usually first-come-first-served as far as place to put your bags!

3# On board the train, space for luggage is usually available in the centre as well as at the extremities of each train car, and in the empty spaces between some rows of chairs that are placed back to back. Your luggage may end up being far from your seats, so as with air travel, don't forget to tag them with your name and address using a luggage tag and lock them using aluggage lock!

4# For small suitcases, backpacks and handbags, luggage racks are available above your seat. Use them! 


1# It's important to distribute your weight evenly across the car so as to avoid problems when driving.

2# Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the car boot.

3# Fill in the empty spaces in your boot with small fold-down bags such as the Duffle 35L or the Duffle 55L from Newfeel. These also come in handy should you end up having extra things to bring back home! 

Based on the length of your trip

What size luggage to choose, depending on the duration of your trip and the number of people travelling ?

Il existe 3 capacités intérieures, du plus petit au plus grand : 35L, 60L, et 90L.



ALONE 35L 60L 60L 90L
AS A COUPLE 35L 60L 90L 90L
AS A FAMILY 90L 90L 90L 90L

Based on your destination

An adventure far from home !

1# Travelling to the other side of the world means a journey that combines urban cities with adventure! In this case, when choosing your luggage the key word is "practical". You don't want to be encumbered while moving from place to place. The Newfeel team has designed a bag specifically to meet this kind of need: The Light bag, which comes in 35L and 60L sizes, is a trolley bag that can also be carried as a backpack! It's perfect if you're alternating carrying the load!
2# If you're afraid of pickpockets, it's a good idea to equip yourselves with practical accessories that help you keep your important documents and money safe and close at hand, such as the pocket or belt safety wallet, which is invisible under your clothes! 


Visiting another European city for a couple of days!

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Heading to the beach!

1# Take a backpack so that your hands stay free. With your sunglasses, towel, water bottle and sun block lotion inside, you'll be ready to enjoy your day to the max! We recommend the Abeona backpack from Newfeel—it's practical, sturdy, and inexpensive. 

2# For families that need to carry more stuff, such as a rack and pail for the children, check out our 55L Duffle, which offers a lot of room in a space-saving design!

All of us here at Newfeel wish you a happy, stress-free vacation!

Did you find these tips helpful? Got any more? Share your experiences with us by leaving your comments below!


When heading out for several days of vacations or a trip, the standard size for a small suitcase/bag is 35L. But how to use the space wisely ? How to pack your belongings inside ? Will everything fit ? The Newfeel team knows these questions might be running through your head, so they put together a video that includes all the tips from our experts on how to make the best use of the space inside your bag !


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